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I’d like to direct you all to MY GLEE FANTASY. 

So, like a billion other people, I imagine what my character would be like if I were on Glee.

I have no totally in-depth idea of what the her personality would be like, but she’d definitely be some sort of I-don’t-give-a-fuck rocker chick, kind of like a female version of Puck. Aside from Lauren, the girls of Glee mainly have storylines that revolve around GUYS. I wouldn’t want her to be interested in getting a boyfriend, just doing whatever the hell she wants. I think her parents would probably be loaded, too, so she just goes around trying to make people hate her so that she doesn’t get associated with the snotty, holier-than-thou attitude her parents have.

Whenever I listen to Minority by Green Day, I just imagine this girl walking through the halls, knocking people’s books out of their hands (not so much in a Karofsky “I hate you so I’ll make your life miserable and you’ll fear me” she does it to make people hate her), and there’s this one bit where she runs through Sue’s Cheerios practice, stealing the batons and generally causing chaos, and maybe a few injuries.

It makes me laugh when I picture her, baton-in-hand, with Sue screaming at her, and she just throws the baton over her head like “I ain’t even mad!” and it hits Santana in the back of the head :P